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Malachite Tumble Stone

Malachite Tumble Stone

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Introducing our mesmerizing Malachite Tumble Stones! 💚✨ Each of these beautiful tumbled stones is crafted from genuine Malachite, renowned for its potent healing properties and stunning green hues. Perfect for both beginners and experienced crystal enthusiasts, these tumbles are versatile companions for your spiritual journey.

Key Features:

  • Healing Properties: Malachite is a powerful stone for emotional healing, transformation, and protection. Its vibrant green color resonates with the heart chakra, making it an excellent choice for promoting emotional balance and harmony.
  • Versatile Use: Malachite tumbles can be used in a variety of ways, including meditation, energy work, crystal grids, and everyday carry. Keep them in your pocket, place them on your altar, or use them in crystal healing sessions to harness their transformative energy.
  • Natural Beauty: Each Malachite tumble stone is unique, with its own distinct patterns and shades of green. They are polished to a smooth finish, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the stone and connect with its earthy energy.


  • Quantity: Each set contains (1) Malachite tumble stone
  • Size: Approximately 0.5-1 inch in diameter
  • Quality: Hand-selected for quality and beauty
  • Packaging: Your Malachite tumbles will arrive carefully packaged to ensure they reach you safely

Elevate your spiritual practice and invite the transformative energy of Malachite into your life with our exquisite tumble stones. Whether used for healing, meditation, or simply as a beautiful addition to your crystal collection, these tumbles are sure to inspire and uplift. Shop now and experience the magic of Malachite!

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