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Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose

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Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Fluorite or Black Obsidian Rose Crystal. Crafted with care and imbued with intention, this exquisite piece brings together the harmonious energies of the amazing Crystal and the delicate beauty of the rose crystal.

šŸŒˆ Fluorite: With its captivating array of colors, Fluorite is a stone of clarity and balance. It enhances mental clarity, promotes focus, and brings harmony to mind, body, and spirit. It is also known for its protective properties, shielding against negative energies.

āš«ļø Black Obsidian: Known as a powerful protective stone, Black Obsidian shields against negativity and psychic attacks. It absorbs and transmutes negative energy, providing a sense of grounding and stability.

šŸŒ¹ Rose Crystal: The gentle and nurturing energy of the rose crystal adds a touch of elegance and love to this piece. Symbolizing compassion, healing, and emotional well-being, it opens the heart chakra, promoting self-love, forgiveness, and inner peace.

Together, the rose crystal creates a synergy of healing and transformation, inviting you to embrace your true essence and radiate love and light. Whether displayed in your home or held close to your heart, our Fluorite or Black Obsidian Rose Crystal serves as a beacon of beauty and positivity on your spiritual journey.

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