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Crystals In Paradise

Black Obsidian Raven Skull

Black Obsidian Raven Skull

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Unleash the mystique and power of the Black Obsidian Raven Skull! 🖤✨ Crafted from the protective energy of Black Obsidian, this intricately carved skull embodies the wisdom and intuition of the raven, a symbol of magic and transformation.

Key Features:

  • Protective Properties: Black Obsidian is a powerful stone of protection, shielding against negativity and psychic attacks. The Raven Skull, infused with this potent energy, serves as a guardian and ally on your spiritual journey.
  • Symbolism: The raven is revered across cultures as a symbol of magic, mystery, and intelligence. Its association with the spirit world makes it a potent symbol for spiritual growth, intuition, and transformation.
  • Intricate Design: Each Raven Skull is meticulously carved from genuine Black Obsidian, showcasing intricate details and a sleek, polished finish. From its sharp beak to its piercing eyes, every aspect of the skull reflects the mystique and beauty of the raven.


  • Material: Genuine Black Obsidian stone
  • Size: Approximately 1.75"
  • Handcrafted: Each skull is handcrafted with care and precision, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Elevate your spiritual practice and tap into the wisdom of the raven with our Black Obsidian Raven Skull. Whether displayed as a decorative accent or used in meditation and energy work, it serves as a powerful reminder of the magic and protection that surrounds you. Shop now and unlock the secrets of the raven!

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